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A Few Tips on Getting Started with naturalForms

Welcome to naturalForms! We have plenty of features to make your life as effortless as possible. We created "how to" videos to give a detailed step by step process on how to efficiently use the features in our web portal and app. Here are the key items to get started:

1. Add a Template 

Add any custom form or choose from one of the hundreds available in our forms library (pre-made forms). All you need to start is a PDF which you can design using any tool such as Adobe, Word or Excel.

  • Custom

  • Library


2. Connect a Device

Use any mobile device such as iPads, iPhones or Android devices. App installation is simple and allows for completing documents in the field.

  • IOS

  • Android

3. Complete a Document

Fill out all forms and documents onsite using a mobile device or from your computer using the browser. Documents include smart features such as: required fields, validation and auto-calculations.

  • Web Portal

  • Device

4. Send to Sign

Send customers documents for signing via email. Customer can electronically sign documents and complete paperwork.

  1. Collect an eSignature

  2. Sign a Document

5. Connect an Integration

Instantly connect your forms and data to any system such as JobNimbus, WorkWave, Zapier or any system that accepts webhooksZapier integration offers over 2,000 possibilities including Quickbooks, Google Sheets and Dropbox.

  • JobNimbus

  • WorkWave (PestPac)

  • Email, Zapier, Etc. 

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