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Apple released its latest operating system, iOS8, on September 17, 2014 for public download.  Based on testing we have performed against the development Gold Master of iOS8 that we received one week ago, we have not identified any major incompatibilities between the current version of naturalForms 2.1 and iOS8. 

We have identified some minor issues that you may experience if you upgrade your device to iOS8.  These issues are more likely to be experienced on older hardware, specifically the iPad 2.  

Below is a list of the issues we have discovered and possible work-arounds that can be used until we are able to release an update of naturalForms.

Camera Rotation
When taking a photo from within naturalForms, changing the orientation from portrait to landscape or vice versa causes the image to appear in a different orientation. This is only an issue with the image shown on the screen and not the actual photo that is being captured.  If you take the photo, the actual orientation is correct.  

To avoid this rotation issue, rotate the tablet to the desired orientation prior to opening the camera to take the photo.

GPS Location Capture
When capturing a location in an individual field or as an attachment, there may be a delay before the system is complete.  This issue appears to only occur during the first location capture after starting naturalForms. 

To avoid not capturing the location, you may have to wait up to several minutes for the GPS information to be captured properly.  You will see the attachment turn green when the capture is complete. If you are capturing GPS on a field, the GPS Symbol will appear by the system clock until the location has been captured properly.  Once this happens, you will be able to use the GPS as normal. This may reoccur if naturalForms is restarted.

Keyboard Input
When using the keyboard for field input, you may see a delay before typed characters appear in the field being completed.  It is possible that you could lose data if you navigate to a new field before all the typed characters appear within the field.

To avoid not capturing your input, you may need to wait until all keyed information appears in the field.  When typing long paragraphs of information, it is suggested that you pause at the end, before navigating to the next field.

Mass-Submit Documents
When you are submitting multiple documents at one time, you may not be able to select the Lock Icon to finalize the submission request. 

If the Lock Icon is not enabled, tapping the "return" key on the keyboard will initiate the submission.

Handwriting Input
When using handwriting for field input, some of your handwritten strokes may not be captured, interpreted and displayed properly in the field.  This is more likely to be a problem if you are writing very fast.     

To avoid not capturing your input, try writing at a speed that allows the system to capture all the handwriting strokes.  Once you have written in several fields, the loss of strokes appears to go away until the tablet and/or naturalForms is re-started.

As we continue our testing, we will communicate any new issues we identify with the release of iOS8.   We estimate that a new version of naturalForms that addresses these issues with iOS8 will be available in the App Store in 2 to 4 weeks, based on Apple’s approval process.
If you have find other issues, have questions, or have concerns, contact us via our technical support website. We appreciate your patience and look forward to giving you new features that leverage the unique capabilities of iOS8.


Your naturalForms Team

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