JobNimbus + naturalForms Integration


Watch this quick tutorial on how to integrate your naturalForms account. For more information regarding JobNimbus and what they do, be sure the read the rest of this document. It will give you insight on how the two accounts can work successfully together for a more efficient experience.


What is JobNimbus

JobNimbus is a CRM and project management software designed from the ground up to be an ultra-simple, yet powerful tool to help you take control of your business like never before.

What Can You Do

  • Use industry-leading forms or create your current forms.

  • Pre-Populate form data from JobNimbus.

  • Collect form information and auto-update contacts or jobs.

  • Capture and annotate project photos or locations.

  • Share data between platforms.

How Does It Work

Pre-populate your customer information from JobNimbus, fill out your forms, capture signatures and automatically sync the form and photos as an attachment in your Contacts or Jobs folder.


Getting Started

To enable the integration you will first need both JobNimbus and naturalForms accounts. You can find out more about JobNimbus on their website. Once you have both accounts, as an admin of the systems follow the steps below to connect the applications:

1. Add Forms (Templates)

A. Upload PDF Background | To add a form or what is called a template in naturalForms, start with the form design and layout which is created totally outside of naturalForms using any industry standard tool (i.e. Word, Excel, Adobe), and then save the form design as a PDF. After completing the design (look and layout) of the form and having a clean PDF, add that form into naturalForms via the Designer accessed from within the Templates page. Check our Designer overview video and for exact details follow the steps for Adding a Template.

We recommend that the form design considers the use of the tablet or phone and allows proper spacing for fields such as checkboxes or tight field spacing. We also recommend that you do not use 'scanned in' PDFs as these types of PDFs tend to be low quality and very large in file size.

B. Setup Smart Fields & Rules | To add templates to naturalForms, you will use our Designer tool which allows you to bring in the PDF background and overlay it with our proprietary digital intelligence making your custom forms smart forms. Don't worry, adding your forms is still super simple and quick to complete so your team will be filling out forms before you know it.

Once you have uploaded your PDF into the Designer, you'll simple add the field overlays to your PDF background by using what we call Field Tools. Just follow our Field Tools Overview to complete this step.

Additional intelligence such as calculations, conditional mandatory, logic and other related rules can be easily added to the template. To setup rules just follow our Rule Guides.

C. Name 'Identifiers' for Pre-Population | By default your data from JobNimbus will prefill or what we call pre-populate from your JobNimbus account into forms (also known as Documents). In order for this to occur you'll need to match the field 'Identifier' value in the Field Settings of a field in the Designer with the correct naming convention. Below is a screen shot of where this is located in the Designer:



The default fields available for JobNimbus pre-population are:

JobNimbus naturalForms
First Name FirstName
Last Name LastName
Email Email
Home Phone HomePhone
Fax Number FaxNumber
Mobile Phone MobilePhone
Company Company
Address Line 1 AddressLine1
Address Line 2 AddressLine2
City City
State State
State Code StateCode
Country Country
Postal Code PostalCode

Along with the default fields, if you create custom fields in JobNimbus, those fields can also be pre-populated into naturalForms. To setup custom fields, use the same naming convention for the default fields...just using names of the fields you created (i.e. Roof Type = RoofType).

After you have completed the steps above your template will be setup and ready to be assigned to a user and for the integration to be enabled.

2. Connect the Integration

Check out our integration setup video as well! The actually steps are outlined below:

A. Open JobNimbus Settings | To connect the integration, access the 'naturalForms' settings tab from within your JobNimbus web portal.



B. Authorize Connection | Use the 'Connection"  menu item to open the authorize screen to connect the integration.


On the connection screen, enter the email and password for an admin user on naturalForms.



C. Turn on Templates | Once you have authorized the connection the list of templates you have setup in naturalForms is displayed. To enable a template to be used with JobNimbus, just change the Status from off to on.



3. Start Using

Check out this demo video to see how the pre-population works in the app. The actually steps are outlined below:

A. Install the Apps | Make sure you have installed both the JobNimbus and naturalForms apps on the mobile device (tablet or phone). If you already have installed the apps, make sure you have resynced the JobNimbus app to ensure the updated templates are loaded from the portal updates.

B. Pre-Populate Forms | From within the JobNimbus app, select a Contact or Job...then choose the naturalForms menu item, which will display the list of templates that were turned on:



Select the template(s) that you want to create and then click Submit. The app will automatically open up naturalForms and create the documents that include the pre-populated field data as below:


From here users will fill out the remaining fields and submit the document. 


C. Access Completed Documents | Submitted documents and photos are automatically synced into the Contact or Job inside of JobNimbus and can be found in the corresponding "Documents" and "Photos" tabs.



Common Questions:

Can I sync JobNimbus to work with more than one naturalForms account?
Unfortunately, no. Due to security and privacy standards, JobNimbus can only be synced with one naturalForms account for a company.



 If you have any questions please submit a support ticket.

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