Announcing Integrations & Photo Fields


We're extremely pleased to announce several new features available for naturalForms, the world leader in data capture solutions for the mobile industry.

Web Apps (Integrations)
A brand-new feature that enables automatic routing of form data to almost any backend system. Expand the use of your naturalForms data to reduce downstream form processing resulting in even greater value for your business. Our current integration offer includes: Zapier, JobNimbus and Commusoft. By partnering with Zapier, we have the potential to integrate with over 1,100 popular applications.

Start connecting to the applications you already use by simply selecting a integration from the "Web Apps" section of the Output Settings for a Template. For a limited time, use web apps for take advantage of the pricing before it's gone.

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Photo Fields
A new Field Tool is available in Designer (Photo) that allows you to add a photo field to your Field Layout. The result is the ability to insert photos directly into your documents or reports. General photo attachments are still available and work as previously.
iPhone Support
The phone market continues to introduce phones with larger displays and more mobility, thus the naturalForms app now supports the iPhone. Support for Android phones is not yet available. For more information on iPhone support visit our knowledge base.

Keyboad Arrows

Now use the arrows on the keyboard to move field positions in Designer. This results in quick and perfect field alignment on templates.

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