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How to Refer naturalForms to a Friend.

To refer to a friend you will first need to retrieve your naturalForms referral code. To find your referral code you can either go to your email or sign in to your naturalForms account. The email will have a PDF attached with your billing statement. When you log in to your naturalForms account this same PDF will be under the "Subscription" tab. The PDF will have your billing information along with a message attached at the bottom of the statement that you can copy and paste to share with your friends and family.  


A. Go to your Email

  • To retrieve your referral code, naturalForms will send you an email with your monthly or annual billing statement depending on what subscription you have. That email will have a PDF attached to it. Click on the PDF.


B. Go to your Account

  • You may also retrieve this code, by signing in to your naturalForms account. Once you've signed in, select your name at the top right corner. There will be two drop-down options, "Sign Out", or "Subscription". Click the subscription button. You will be taken to a page with your selected subscription and a list of your payment history along with a PDF. Click on the most recent PDF.



Once you have clicked on the PDF, scroll down to the bottom of the statement. At the bottom of the statement there will be a message for you to share with friends and family along with your referral code.


Lastly, copy and paste your code to share with friends and family any way you would like to. This program will be beneficial to anyone and everyone.  

Instructions on how to use your referral code, click here


We reserve the right to modify or amend at any time our referral terms and the methods through which credit is earned. We reserve the right to disqualify any account at any time from participation in the referral program or offer if the organization does not comply with any of these terms. 


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