PestPac + naturalForms Integration





Integrating PestPac to naturalForms 


Connecting with PestPac 

  1. First sign in to the naturalForms web portal.
  2. Once you're logged in, go to the Templates


  1. Then find the document that you want to integrate and select the Settings



  1. Click over to Output Settings and select “Use custom output settings."




  1. Click on Web Apps and scroll to the connector menu. A drop-down menu with choices will appear. Click on the Document to WorkWave PestPac Location



  1. Next, you will need to enter data for the following fields:

"LocationCode": Contains the account number in WorkWave for the customer.

"CompanyKey": Setup as a "Literal String" and in the third box the user will have to input the customer's PestPac Company Key.

"Document PDF": Add and select "Document PDF file" which will send a PDF copy of the form when completed.




  1. After that, you can click on the green Save



Submitting to naturalForms and PestPac


  1. Once you've completed integration in PestPac, users can go to the mobile app to begin using the form.


  1. Simply add a form and select the integrated form from the list.



  1. The form will display on your screen and be filled out with all the required info.
  2. Be sure to fill out the location code for the customer.


  1. After filling out the form the users can then submit the form which will upload the form to the naturalForms server as well as PestPac.


  1. You'll then be able to find the form inside the customer's Location Documents.


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