End of Support Dates for naturalForms Products


As new versions of naturalForms Client and naturalForms Server become available ExpeData will no longer support old versions.

In order to notify our end customers and partners, ExpeData provides a specific End of Service Life (listed below) date for a given product through our technical support web site.


naturalForms Server (NFS)*

Version Release Date End of Support
2.1.2 30-Jun-2017 Current
2.1 03-Oct-2016 31-Mar-2018
2.0 28-Jul-2016 31-Jan-2018
1.4.6 08-Jan-2016 28-Jan-2017 14-Jun-2014 08-July-2016 16-Jan-2014 14-Dec-2014 27-Dec-2013 16-Jul-2014 29-Aug-2013 27-Jun-2014

Note: After 5/4/2017 assistance with upgrades of un-supported server versions will be charged at the standard professional services rate of $150 per hour. 

naturalForms Enterprise (iOS)*

Version Release Date End of Support
3.0.0 Sept-18-2017 Current
2.4.3 02-Aug-2017 31-Mar-2018
2.4.2 27-Jun-2017 31-Mar-2018
2.4.1 10-Jan-2017 28-Feb-2018
2.4 31-Jul-2016 31-Jul-2017
2.3 29-Jun-2015 13-Mar-2017
2.2.1 12-Dec-2014 29-Dec-2015
2.2 6-Nov-2014 12-Jun-2015
2.1 16-Dec-2013 6-May-2015
2.0.2 5-Sep-2013 16-Jun-2014
2.0 30-Nov-2012 1-Mar-2014




naturalForms (Android)*

Version Release Date End of Support 21-Mar-2017 Current 18-Sep-2014 31-Jul-2017 03-Jun-2014 18-Mar-2015
2.0.40 11-Dec-2013 03-Dec-2014 9-Sep-2013 30-Jun-2014 15-Aug-2013  30-Jun-2014 1-Aug-2013  31-Mar-2014  6-Jun-2013  28-Feb-2014 1-Feb2013 28-Feb-2014


naturalForms for EDW (iOS)*

Version Release Date End of Support
1.4.3 14-Dec-2012 30-Jun-2014 
1.4.4 18-Sep-2013 30-Jun-2014 


naturalForms Pro (iOS)*

Version Release Date End of Support
2.1 16-Dec-2013 06-May-2015 
2.0.2 5-Sep-2013 29-Dec-2013 
2.0.1 7-Mar-2013 31-Oct-2013 



*All interim releases not listed are also included in the End of Support dates above.

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