naturalForms 3.1.0 iOS Release Notes


1     Release Objectives

This is a new release of naturalForms for iOS.  The objective of the release is primarily for compliance to the updated iOS Terms of Service from iOS 13. In order to comply with changes in Apple's iOS 13 release, naturalForms had to disable the handwriting feature to support Apple's latest operating system version. As a result, the naturalForms iOS app version 3.1.0 (or newer) now only allows keyboard input for text field types.


2     Component Version

naturalForms Enterprise





App Requirements:

 iOS 12+

Server Requirements:

 naturalForms Server 2.0.0+


3     Availability

The product is available as a full release for the general public and downloadable from the App Store.


4     New Features

1.   New Branding – The rebrand consisting of the new logo and color scheme was implemented into the app.


5     Fixes/Updates

1.   Removed Handwriting Input Panel – Handwriting input panels removed to support iOS 13 release.

2.   Updated Drawing/Graphic Tool Portal – The drawing and graphic tool was updated to improve functionality and response time for users, and comply with changes with iOS 13.

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