naturalForms® Enterprise 2.1.1 for Android™


naturalForms Enterprise 2.1.1 for Android is now available. This update optimizes existing functionality and supports sharing documents with Dropbox.  

Important Notes

  1. Customers who are upgrading from 2.0.40 will need to upgrade to before 2.1.1 in order to maintain documents already in process on the device.
  2. Some devices are slow to collect GPS data when taking photos. Allow enough time for the entire photo to be downloaded before submitting documents.
  3. All ExpeData hosted servers are running NFS 1.4.2 which is required. If you are running on an Enterprise server, please check the server version before upgrading.

New features available in 2.1.1 for Android include:

  1. Dropbox Connectivity – App contains the ability to share documents via Dropbox.
  2. Clear Button for Date/Time Picker – Users can now clear values from a date or time field as needed.
  3. Spanish Localization – The app user interface supports the Spanish language.


Fixes/Updates available in 2.1.1 for Android include:

  1. CSV Pre-Population – Deprecated the EDW CSV pre-population format structure. The NFS version of the CSV pre-population will be supported and now aligns with the iOS product feature set.
  2. Conditional Mandatory Rules – Adjusted conditional mandatory rules to allow them to work with signature fields.
  3. Photo Attachments – Fixed an issue in which photos were not being deleted when photo attachment were deleted or cleared from a document.
  4. Field Lengths – Resolved an issue for min/max field lengths, to now generate error indications in the app if the field properties are not met.
  5. Accented Characters – Output files properly reflect documents submitted with accented characters. 


Download Now

(This is only compatible with NFS Server 1.4.2 and above)



About naturalForms Server (NFS)

NFS focuses on the tablet space and is designed to support both Apple and Android tablet devices using the naturalForms Enterprise App. Mobile workers in multiple industries leverage naturalForms to easily and efficiently complete business forms on tablet devices using natural input such as handwriting. naturalForms also allows users to capture photos, drawings, annotations, voice, GPS, and electronic signatures. Captured information is immediately converted to digital data, verified for accuracy, validated with enterprise rules, and available in standard file outputs for backend applications. 




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