naturalForms® Enterprise 2.2.1 for iOS 8


This is a new release of naturalForms for iOS. The objective of the release is primarily for bug fixes only.


  1. Single Page Swipe Crash – Fixed a crash for when a user tried to swipe to a previous or next page on a single page document.
  2. Network Connectivity Improvements – Improved sync processing and time outs for poor connectivity.
  3. Cocoa 3840 Error – Fixed an error for when a user entered a real URL but was not a naturalForms server domain.
  4. Document Submit Status Page Crash – Resolved a crash that occurred when the tablet went to sleep when the document status page was displayed.
  5. Adjustments to Date and Time Fields – Date and Time fields no longer combine both date and time together for field that only capture date or time.
  6. Resync Issue for New Rules – Fix for issue that occurred when a new rule is added to a template that caused pre-existing rules to stop working.
  7. Login Issue – Issue caused by low memory on the tablet and clearing the cache.


OS Requirements: iOS 7+
Server Requirements: naturalForms Server 1.4.0+

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