naturalForms for iOS v2.3 Release Notes


naturalForms v2.3 is now available.  This is a bug fix release to resolve the following issues:


  1. Dots in the signature panel can cause a crash – If a dot is written in the signature panel it can cause naturalForms to crash.
  2. Crash scenarios when opening documents - Sometimes when documents are opened it causes a crash.
  3. Attachments With Same Name – Supplemental attachments can be created with the same name.
  4. Offline Access No Longer Detected – Offline access is no longer detected in version 2.2 as it was in 2.1.
  5. Dialog from Attachments Displays on Document Edit – The location dialog is being displayed on the document edit page.
  6. Document List Always Returns to the Top of the List – When returning to the Document List from document editing, the user is returned to the top instead at the originally edited document.
  7. URL with /services Returns an Error – Change to the app domain with “/services” causes error.
  8. Duplicate Attachment Name Error Upon Submission – Duplicate attachment names result in submission error.
  9. Update Sync to Check for Incomplete Templates – Rules stop working on for a template due to an incomplete load or sync of template from the server.
  10. Time Capture Should Not Use Current Seconds – Captured seconds currently result in a rounding issue.
  11. Handwriting and Drawing updated to 64-bit - The components used for handwriting and drawing are now native 64-bit.
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