naturalForms 3.0 Now Supports iPhones




The power of the naturalForms app for tablets is now available for use on iPhones. Starting with iOS, the 3.0 version (or newer) of the product also supports iPhones. Fore more details see below:


OS Requirements:  iOS 9+ 
Hardware Requirements:  iPhone 5+
Server Requirements:  naturalForms Server 2.1+


The 3.0 version of the app is an "app only" release which means the product will support previous versions of the server or web portal. However, any current or existing templates will not be optimized for display on the smaller screen size. Templates that need to work on the phone, need to have a new template created starting with a new PDF to match the size of the device. In version one of the phone product, templates will not auto display or adjust to fit the device that is being used. A future version of the product will include a server update which will allow templates in Designer to be created that are able to be used on multiple devices (tablets/phones) or sizes (aka a template views).

Please keep these items in mind when designing templates and using the new phone version of the product. If you encounter any issues or have additional questions about the phone product, please submit a ticket with complete details to support.


Note: Phone support for naturalForms Android is not available yet but is planned in a future version of the product based on customer feedback and market demand.

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