naturalForms® Enterprise 2.2 for iOS 8

  • Support for iOS 8
  • Preview in template selection
  • Search in template selection
  • Photos are stored in a naturalForms location and not the camera roll
  • Support for "Auto Delete" template settings


  • App no longer requires user interaction if set to remember password, the app automatically takes action with the saved credentials (user not required to tap the lock button)
  • Validation symbol now displays three icons (blue circle with checkmark, yellow circle with checkmark, red circle with exclamation mark)
  • Rename feature is now included as part of document swipe along with delete
  • The date picker now returns appropriate dates when the UTC flag is set for the template
  • The attachment symbol (paperclip) no longer changes color (stays blue) if mandatory attachments are missing from the document
  • The location capture icon for a field now changes from grey to green when the locations are captured
  • If an error is encountered when attempting to capture a location attachment a notification is presented to the user
  • Date values (for date field types) should no longer change after selection is made for dates prior to 1950

System Requirements

  • iOS 7+
  • naturalForms Server 1.4+

Additional Information

  • The server domain field no longer requires the "/services" in the URL value (and will remove it if entered)
  • The resync symbol is now a cloud with up and down arrows
  • If connection is made to a server with a "self-signed" SSL certificate, a message will appear stating the security certificate may not be valid, and ask user to confirm continuation
  • The credentials page no longer appears for sync and submit actions if the timeout has not expired (except for Always)
  • If the app is closed and reopened, the user is automatically signed back into the app displaying the login page (based on timeout described above)
  • The Lock Timeout is now set to "Always" by default
  • Handles redirects from the server
  • New page controller allows for more life-like page swiping/navigation
  • GPS indicator for fields now is gray until GPS is captured and then indicator turns green confirming the capture
  • The domain is no longer available to view or copy in "Settings" from the log in page
  • If a document name exceeds a certain length, the word "Back" is displayed on the attachment page for returning back for document editing
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