naturalForms 2.2 for Android


naturalForms 2.2 for Android includes new photo attachment settings, performance optimizations, support for operating system (OS) 5, 6 and 7 as well as bug fixes. 


OS Requirements:  OS 4.4+ (final version to support OS 4)
Server Requirements:  naturalForms Server 2.1+

New Features

  1. Enhanced Support for OS 5/6/7 – Optimizations for OS 5, 6 and 7 related to display and general menu interactions.
  1. Image Settings for Photo Attachments (98)The Attachments page in Designer now includes preset image processing schemas. In addition custom schemes can be setup for three settings: Image Size, File Format and Color Format.
  1. Lock Timeout Default Setting – The Lock Timeout default setting is set to Never and no longer requires user interaction at sync.



  1. Writing Guard Allows Writing (468) – The writing guard has been removed from the product.
  1. Missing Toolbar in Drawing/Annotations (509) – The toolbar would disappear and not allow user ability to extend the drawing field or annotation panel.
  1. Attachment Icon Not Enabled by Default (538) – The photo attachment icon or button was disabled by default.
  1. Certificate/SSL Error – A specific error message is now displayed for an invalid or missing certificate.
  1. About Information (149) – The about information including the copyright has been updated and set to display based on device settings.
  1. Photo Attachments Sizing Issue (55) – Photo attachment are not submitted based on the settings in Designer.
  1. Conditional Mandatory Rule Related to Checkboxes (78) – A conditional mandatory rule using isEmpty syntax is now replaced with the new Rules in Designer.
  1. Non-Editable Template (82) – A document can no longer be entered into a state where the document is not editable.
  1. Mandatory Checkbox Not Display Red Outline (83) – Mandatory checkboxes properly display the red outline when set to mandatory setting.
  1. Guide Display Layout Issues (86) – Guides now display properly on smaller device sizes.
  1. Document Rename is Not Reflected in Portal (95) – Changes to a document name in the app are now reflected in the web portal.
  1. Photo Cannot Be Attached Due to Invalid Format (119) – App no longer results in an invalid photo format error when adding a photo attachment.
  1. Double Quote (“) Display Error (121) – The quote character now properly displays in all text fields including single and multi-line.
  1. Portrait Taken Photos Can Change Orientation (123) – The orientation for a taken photo in portrait layout maintain proper orientation.
  1. Annotations Are Not Showing Up Clearly (124) – Annotations in both the app and output now display clearly and as represented from the device.
  1. Submit Confirmation Does Not Show All Special Characters (127) – Special characters are properly displayed in the message on submission.
  1. TIFF Images Coming Out in Black and White (130) – TIFF images are now converted correctly to TIFF format using new image library.


Additional Information

  1. Domain no longer requires "/services" at sign in.
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