naturalForms Server 1.3 Release


ExpeData announces the release of naturalForms Designer, aimed to provide simple and straightforward form creation for use with the naturalForms Enterprise app. The Designer application is part of the naturalForms Server (NFS) 1.3 and is designed to replace the previous form creation tool (EDW Forms Manager Client). 

Below is a list of enhancements and bug fixes included in the release:  


·         naturalForms Designer – new web based tool to create and modify form templates

·         Passwords can now be reused

·         Dates displayed in NFS Portal will now be shown in the time zone of the browser

·         Updated message levels between iPad and Android sources to be consistent

·         Forgot password link has been added to the NFS Portal log in screen

Bug Fixes  

·         Source Modified Date was being set incorrectly

·         Dates entered on tablet for time zones UTC+ are set to previous day

·         The device Disable button was not activated when a device was selected

·        Rebuilt with the latest Kendo libraries

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