naturalForms Releases naturalForms® Designer for Form Generation


naturalForms announces the release of naturalForms Designer, aimed to provide simple and straightforward form creation for use with the naturalForms Enterprise app. The Designer is part of the naturalForms Server (NFS) 1.3 and is designed to replace the previous form creation tool (EDW Forms Manager Client).  NFS focuses on the tablet space and is designed to support both Apple and Android tablet devices using the naturalForms Enterprise App.  Mobile workers in multiple industries leverage naturalForms to easily and efficiently complete business forms on tablet devices using natural input such as handwriting. naturalForms also allows users to capture photos, drawings, annotations, voice, GPS, and electronic signatures. Captured information is immediately converted to digital data, verified for accuracy, validated with enterprise rules, and available in standard file outputs for backend applications.

Key features available in Designer include:

  • Customized Fields - Add various fields including: text, number, date/times, checkbox, option list, radio buttons, signature, drawing and linked.  Customize field properties to be meet data requirements and business needs.
  • Attachments - Attach photos, GPS coordinates and voice recording to documents.
  • Rules - Establish document validation and workflow processing logic to aid users in gathering form data.

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