Important Notice: End of Support Timeline for Digital Pen related products


ExpeData is no longer creating or enhancing digital pen related products.  In order to notify our end customers and partners, ExpeData provides a specific End of Service Life (Defined below) date for a given product through our web site.

Regardless of the End of Support date, ExpeData will honor the terms of any applicable warranty and/or any previously sold maintenance agreements which were purchased prior to the End of Service Life Date.

If you would like to learn more about our next generation data capture product for iPad and Android tablets, please visit the "".


End of Support Date for EDW® Server and Related Products

Version Release Date End of Support
7.1.x  09/12/2008 03/31/2011
7.2.x 01/09/2009 03/31/2011
7.3.x 03/23/2009 03/31/2011
7.4.x 04/08/2010 12/31/2011
7.6.x 12/20/2010 03/31/2012
7.7.x 01/24/2011 03/30/2013
7.8.x 09/23/2011 03/30/2013
7.9.x 12/19/2011 12/01/2013
7.10.x  08/08/2012 06/30/2014










Note: Related Products includes but is not limited to: EDW Router, EDW Mobile, Forms Manager Server, Forms Manager Client, Desktop Print Manager, Print-on- Demand, Pattern Generation, and Commercial Print Manager. Version numbers of related products may vary from compatible server versions.

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