Document Flows & Statuses (4.0 Version)


A. Purpose

This document outlines information regarding the document status and potential workflow(s), including standard document completion as well as signatures.

B. Current Product

The product (3.0 or older), currently does not include specific statuses, but a document is primarily categorized by "New", "Closed", "Submitted" and "Resubmitted". As the product moves forward, the new 'Universal App' will introduce a more official status in preparation for more complex workflows and signature processing.

C. Process & Workflow

Developed based on user feedback, market interaction and competitor analysis the statuses are broken down into two areas: Documents and Signatures. The following chart presents the process flow for a document and a signature along with associated document primary statuses.
NOTE: The planned product for a future release (long-term) includes the 'document history'. The result is to be able to view (on-demand) the history of the document. The history would include the signing status and users could take action as needed (i.e. send a reminder to the signer). As part of the history implementation the emails to the sender potentially will be removed or adjusted since the user can access the information from the history interface.
NOTE: Signatures that are collected directly in the document are treated as document field values. Signatures that are collected via Send to Sign are included in the digital signing process and can be systematically cancelled at a later time if the document is edited (or data altered).

D. Statuses

The new application now includes a filter in the user interface that presents the list of statuses to the user. The status filters can be seen in the top left hand side of the application as per the figure below:
There are a total of nine statues that a document can be in, however a document is only in ONE status at a time based on the document/signature activity. The statues are:
Open (Edit): Document has been signed and/or completed but since then has been edited. The document has been assigned a document number.
Open (New): Document has not been signed or completed and is considered new. No document number has been generated for the document.
Complete: Document has been completed. Completed documents may include signatures collected locally on the device (or in the field) and do not require or request a signature to be collected via email (i.e. customer is not on property).
Signed: Document has been completed and signed by all signers (1-5). Document may include signatures collected locally, but up to 5 signers can be requested for signature via email (aka 'Send to Sign').
Declined: Document has been completed and signature(s) requested. Signer has reviewed and 'declined' the document per the signing request sent via email.
Awaiting Signature: Document has been sent via email to at least one signer. Until the signer has reviewed and signed the document (unless declined or cancelled), it remains in a 'awaiting' status.
Cancelled: Document has been signed and completed, however after the signature(s) were collected, the document has been edited and thus in an Open status. Signatures have been cleared for security and compliance standards and all parties notified of the cancelled document. In order to 'resign' the document, the document has to be 'Sent for Signature' again.
Viewed: Document has been completed and signature(s) requested. The signer has viewed the signing request.
Partially Signed: Document has been completed and at least one signer has signed the document. Remaining signers have yet to sign the document per the signing request.
NOTE: The difference between the primary and secondary statuses, is that the secondary statuses include low occurrence scenarios and are much less likely to be flagged for a documents status.

E. Glossary/Terms

The following are additional terms related to document status:
  • Cancelled: A document can be cancelled, which occurs by a document being 'edited' by a user after a document has been signed by a signer. All signatures collected on a document are then removed and all parties are notified the document has been cancelled.
  • Recipient: A recipient is a user typically represented by an email address that can be setup to receive output data and/or signing requests. Recipients are not required to be a user on naturalForms and can access a signing request via any browser.
  • Sealed: A potential future status of a document would be initiated when a document was signed and completed. A sealed document would be locked and no longer editable for compliance standards. Based on certain conditions, a sealed document might be able to be 'unsealed'.
  • Send to Sign (S2S): Product term for the signing functionality within naturalForms (when documents are emailed for signature).
  • Sender: User who is requesting signatures in the naturalForms application.
  • Sent: The indication that a document has been sent to a signer(s) as a request for signature(s).
  • Signer: A individual who has been sent a signing request. Signers are not required to be a user on naturalForms and can access a signing request via any browser.
  • Viewed: The indication that a document has been sent to a signer(s) as a request for signature(s) and that the individual has open and viewed the request.



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