Internal Only Fields


What Can You Do

  • Designate up to 5 fields for use as 'internal only'.

  • Fields can be edited post document completion.
  • Document editing for internal only fields does not cancel nor unauthorize signed documents.

How to Setup Internal Only Fields

Currently the internal field feature, available on the Advanced plan, is setup by our support services team. To request the feature, just open a ticket with our support team via the "Submit A Ticket" page. For more details on the steps see below:


1. Submit A Ticket Request

Open a ticket with our support team via the "Submit A Ticket" page. Please include the field identifiers as outlined in 'Step 2'.


2. Provide Field Names (Identifier Values)

Field values for internal only fields are configured at the account level. This results in the same field(s) across all templates being enabled as internal only. As a part of the setup, the list of up to 5 field identifiers will need to be provided in order for support services to enable the fields on the account.


3. Configuration Setup & Testing

Once the support service team receives the required information, the feature will be setup according to the fields provided. Per an SLA, please allow for up to 5-10 business days for support services to complete the request. Once the fields are enabled, the service team will request customers tests out the fields workflow to confirm all is working as designed.


4. Start Using

After the conclusion of testing, the fields can be filled-in or edited via the app or web portal for a document using the normal editing methods.



Note: Security & Compliance Standards

naturalForms holds the highest standard of security and compliance for customers, documents and related data collected. naturalForms is not responsible for the legal position or needs of any customer, the process or holding of that information or their end customers or users. Any identification, concerns or reports of potential misuse will be evaluated to ensure the utmost integrity and trust of the naturalForms solution.



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