Documents Overview


This section of the website is where you can view document submission activity and download document details.


Number: System assigned unique number associated with the document on the tablet.

Name: The document name is assigned by the user when creating a new document. This value doesn't have to be unique. The document name can also be pre-populated by an outside source. For more information, click here.

Submitted By: The user who submitted the document.

Template: The name of the template used to create the document.

Submit Date: This is the date that the document was last submitted. A document that is re-submitted overwrites the original document in the website so you always see the latest version.

Download Button:   Initiates a download of a zip file containing a PDF, XML, CSV, JSON, and any attachments for a specific document.

Edit: mceclip0.pngWill open up the Document Editor that allows you to edit and update information for a particular document.

Note: You may notice a small arrow in the column headers. This indicates that the documents can be sorted, either in ascending () or descending () order.

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