Send a Document for Signature (iOS App)


What Can You Do

  • Send documents by email to multiple customers or patients (end user or signer) for signature.

  • End users can review and sign or decline documents.

  • All parties receive notifications and document copies.

  • Documents are also automatically delivered or uploaded into integrated applications.


How to Request a Signature

To use the 'Send to Sign' feature you must be subscribed to the Advanced plan. If you are subscribed on the Essentials plan, just upgrade your account subscription to the Advanced plan. The Send to Sign feature allows for signatures, initials and dates to be requested by up to five (5) signers in a specified order from both the Documents page of the web portal and directly within the document in the app on the mobile device. The information below will provide details on how to perform a Send to Sign through the iOS app on a mobile device. To see how to perform the action via the Documents page of the web portal see Send a Document for Signature (Web Portal). Note: Currently the feature only supports the iOS operating system using the 3.3.0 or newer version of the naturalForms app. Support for Android planned in a future release.


1. Complete a Document

In order to send a document for signature, first the document needs to be submitted (or filled out) using the app installed on the mobile device. Once the document is filled out or completed and is ready for signature, the steps below can occur to request signature(s).


2. Request A Signature for a Document

When using the app, the signature request is part of the 'Submit' as outlined by the steps below:


A. Open the Document Menu | Open the Document menu (circle with a checkmark in the center) from the document edit page.

Document Menu



B. Click 'Submit & Send to Sign' | In the Document menu click Submit and send to sign.

Send to Sign Menu Item



C. Complete Signing Information | Complete all information including the signers email on the Send Document for Signature page and click the Send for Signature button.

Send Document for Signature Page



Send Document for Signature Add Recipients

Send to Multiple Recipients | By selecting the plus sign next to the profile icon you are able to send a document to up to 5 recipients. Add up to five recipients and enter the information required. 


Delete Recipient | If you have added a recipient that you would no longer like to send a document for signature to, click the minus button under the profiles. 



When you have completed all the required fields and the document is ready to be sent out, just select the Send for Signature button at the bottom right hand side.

Send for Signature Button



3. Signature Request & Email Notifications | The document will be successfully sent for signature. The sender and signer will receive email notifications informing the document status: sent, viewed, cancelled, declined or signed. In addition the documents when signed will be available to both the sender and signer. Documents can be downloaded from the email by the signer for document retention and appropriate file storage.


4. Document Signing Status | Once a document has been sent for signature, if the user attempts to send the same document for signature (as the steps above), the document status panel is displayed.

Document Signing Status



5. End User Document Signing | The end user will simply sign the document by clicking the link in the email to view the document and sign. For details on how the end user signing works see Sign a Document with naturalForms.

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