Sign a Document with naturalForms


How to Sign a Document with naturalForms

Many businesses and organizations use naturalForms to collect form information as well as secure electronic signatures for documents such as: quotes, agreements, contracts, proposals, work and service orders. Signing a document is quick and easy following the steps below.


1. Open the Signing Request Email

Signing request sent to a signer by a user of naturalForms will be sent to the signer by email. To view a request, open email and look for the request from naturalForms or the business contact and company name that the signer is working with to complete documentation.

 -Email Inbox



Open the email and review the message from the sender. Click Review & Sign Document to begin the signing process.

 -Email Message



2. Agree to Sign Electronically

Review the electronic signature and records disclosure and select the checkbox "I agree to use Electronic Records and Signatures and Consent". Click Continue to open the document for review of the signing request.

-Agree to Consent



3. Review & Sign the Document

The document can now be fully reviewed and either declined or signed.

A. Review Document | The document is open and can be reviewed. If the document contains multiple pages, the page navigation at the footer of the window can be used to display the different pages. 

-Document Navigation



B. Decline or Sign | After reviewing the document, the document can be Declined or Signed.

-Action Menu




1. Decline | To decline a document click Decline. The Finish screen will appear confirming the to request to decline. Click Decline to reject the signature request.

-Decline Action



2. Sign | To sign a document click Sign. The Finish screen will appear which includes a Name box and the automatic date/time of the signing action. Enter the full legal name for signature authorization. Click Sign to complete the signature request. A message appears stating that the signing request has been completed.

-Sign Action




4. Download the Document | After signing a document, both the sender and signer will receive an email copy of the document with signature as below. The signer can download a copy of the document PDF for receipt and storage.

-Signed Document




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