Lock an Email


Lock an Email

Sign in | Using your naturalForms account Username, Password, and Server. 


Document | Go to the Documents tab on the sidebar. This will bring you to a list of documents that you have already submitted in your account. 



Tools | Scroll through the list of submitted documents and select one that you would like to send for signing by selecting the Tools option on the right side of the document. 



Send to Sign | After selecting Tools this will bring you to three options to choose from. "Download this document", "Edit this document", or "Send this document for signing". Select the last one, "Send this document for signing". 


You will be taken to the Send to Sign feature of our product. From there, type in the Email Address of the user to Lock their Email. Then, hit the Lock Key icon to the right of the email address, and the email address will be remembered in your naturalForms account. 



For more information on how to send a document for signing, click here


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