Photo Fields


1. Select  the Field Tools tab.


2. Click and drag the Photo field block to the field you are setting up in Designer.


3. Once the field is placed on the template, you can update the Field Settings.


a. You can give an Identifier to each field.

Note: Spaces and special characters are not supported in the Identifier.

b. You may set an optional Display Name. The Display Name is displayed in naturalForms only. It does not need to be unique and may contain spaces.

c. By selecting the Is Mandatory checkbox, this will force a field to be mandatory. Users will not be able to submit the document unless the field has a value.

d. Selecting Capture GPS will capture the GPS location of the tablet. User will see the GPS location via data output once the document is submitted to the server.

e. You can manually modify the Selection Area of a field by changing the coordinates within the Selection Area

f. You do not need to set the Value Area during template set up. This is an optional setting that will allow you to set a custom location for the field value when the value is interpreted.

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