Text Fields


1. Select the Field Tools tab.



2. Click and drag the Text field block to the field you are setting up in Designer.


Note: By using the blocks in the middle of the field and on the left and right, you can adjust the size of the field to the size you need.


3. Once the field is placed on the template, you can update the Field Settings.


a. You set an identifier for each field.

Note: Spaces and special characters are not supported in the Identifier.

b. You may set an optional Display Name. The Display Name is displayed in naturalForms only. It does not need to be unique and may contain spaces. 

c. Select the Is Read-Only, the field will accept data only and a user will not be able to add a handwriting input value to the field. Typically read-only fields are used for calculation results. However, they can be used as a key field to feed into a backend system.

d. When Is Multi-Line is selected, the field will be configured to handle Multi-line text. The text will wrap inside the field. This feature is only supported with keyboard input.

e. You can input a Default Value into a field. All documents created will then contain the same Default Value for each document created.

f. Users have the ability to set a minimum and maximum length of a field. By setting a minimum and maximum field length, users can limit the amount of characters allowed in a field. If you set a minimum of “0” then the field does not have any limitations. If you set a maximum of “4” the field will only allow four characters in the field and no more.

g. By selecting the Is Mandatory checkbox, this will force a field to be mandatory. Users will not be able to submit the document unless the field has a value.

h. Selecting Capture GPS will capture the GPS location of the tablet. User will see the GPS location via data output once the document is submitted to the server.

i. If you select Allow Copy/Paste, the field will be copied and pasted between documents during bulk copy/paste.

j. If you select Allow Alpha, the field will only accept alpha characters, either upper or lowercase.

k. Allow Numbers will only allow numeric values to be returned from handwriting interpretation. Please, note that if you want to calculate a field using numeric value, please select the Number input from Field Tools. You may also refer to the Knowledge Base Article, How do I add Numeric fields to my form?


l. There are two ways to add dates and time to templates. You can select “Allow Date”  and “Allow Time” while an Alpha field is assigned to the field or you can add the date and time with the Date Field Tool. Please refer to the Date/Time article to see how to set up a date using the Date Field Tool.

m. When Enable Handwriting is checked, the handwriting panel is available as the input method in naturalForms. We recommend using the Handwriting panel for all fields except for the following:

i. Date

ii. Time

iii. Numeric

1. Phone
2. Social Security
3. Quantity
4. Zip Code
5. Amount fields

iv. Email

n. You can manually modify the Selection Area of a field by changing the coordinates within the Selection Area


o. You do not need to set the Value Area during template set up. This is an optional setting that will allow you to set a custom location for the field value when the value is interpreted.

4. Once the field is on the templates, we recommend setting Field Properties, such as font type, size, color and alignment. These settings will display on the PDF which is shared via Dropbox, Email, print or through output.


Note: Anytime you would like further information on what a setting in the Template Setting tab controls, simply click on the . By clicking on the , you will be given a brief description on how each selection will impact the documents in naturalForms.

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