Template Settings in Designer


Once your template is imported into Designer, you can personalize how the template is shared along with the template name, language, auto delete and the UTC Time Zone.

You can also change the PDF Background from the Template Settings Tab.


1. The ID is system generated and not something a user can edit. The ID is generated once you Save the Template for the first time.

2. You can name the Template. The system will pull the name of the PDF from the PDF file, but if you’d prefer another name to display in the portal and on the device you can do that here.

3. You have the ability to change the language used to interpret the handwriting on the device. 

4. If you select, “Allow Dropbox”, the documents created in naturalForms can be shared to a Dropbox account from the device.


5. If you select “Allow Email”, the documents created in naturalForms can be shared via email from the device.

6. If you select “Allow Printing”, the document created in naturalForms can be printed to a printer from the device.

7. If you select “Allow Copy/Paste”, the document created in naturalForms can be have field values copied in bulk between documents. This may be overridden at the field level.

8. Auto Delete will let you decide to keep (Never) the documents in the naturalForms app or if you’d prefer that the documents were deleted once you submit (Upon Submittal) the documents to the portal.

9. If you select “Use UTC Time Zone”, this will force naturalForms to use the UTC time zone. If you decide not to select this option, the time zone set for the device will be used.

10. If you find you need to change the PDF background, you can do that by selecting “Change PDF Background…” and navigating to the new PDF.


Note: Anytime you would like further information on what a setting in the Template Setting tab controls, simply click on the . By clicking on the , you will be given a brief description on how each selection will impact the documents in naturalForms.

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