Value Format Patterns (Numbers)


When a number field is defined on a template, you have the option to set a value format pattern for the field. You can either select from the list of commonly used patterns or enter custom patterns.

Number Formatting:

 0 (zero)

 This digit placeholder displays insignificant zeros if a number has fewer  digits than there are zeros in the format.


 This digit placeholder follows the same rules as the 0 (zero). However,  naturalForms does not display extra zeros when the number that you  type has fewer digits on either side of the decimal than there are #  symbols in the format.


 The percentage symbol will display the number as a percentage by  multiplying the number by 100.

 negative  numbers

 If you wish to display a number differently if it is negative, you will need  two sections of the format separated by a semi-colon.


 Text can be added in the number format. This can include any text or to  show symbols (for example: $, <, >, :).



 To display


 Use this code





























 $34.56 Profit

 $34.56 Loss

 $#.00 Profit;$#.00 Loss


Note:  To type one of the following currency symbols in a number format, press NUM LOCK and use the numeric keypad to type the ANSI code for the symbol.

 To enter

 Press this code











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