Design Recommendations


Design Recommendations


Field Height

We recommend 3/8th of an inch for all fields; however, that may not be possible so we recommend that the field height not drop below 1/4th of an inch.  Below are examples of the minimum (1/4th of an inch), preferred (3/8th of an inch) and maximum (1/2 of an inch) field heights.

Field Width

Field width can vary greatly between the type of information needed for the field and the space allowed. Below are examples of suggested field width based on a letter sized template with a left and right margin of 3/8th of an inch. Please note, the images are not to 100% scale and just for illustration purposes.

Two fields across a row: 3.875”


Three fields across a row: 2.58”, 2.58” and 2.59”

Four fields across a row: 1.937”, 1.938”, 1.937” and 1.938”

Five fields across a row: 1.55”

Customer Information

When gathering customer information, the information collected usually includes, First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip and Email. Below is an example of the field with for a standard Customer Information section.


Fields in a Table

Usually fields in a table consist of Quantity, Description, Unit Price and Extended Amount. Below is an example of a table used for ordering parts.


Common Fields

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