Design Recommendations


Design Recommendations

Field Height:

We recommend 3/8th of an inch for all fields; however, that may not be possible so we recommend that the field height not drop below 1/4th of an inch.  Below are examples of the minimum (1/4th of an inch), preferred (3/8th of an inch) and maximum (1/2 of an inch) field heights.

Field Width:

Field width can vary greatly between the type of information needed for the field and the space allowed. Below are examples of suggested field width based on a letter sized template with a left and right margin of 3/8th of an inch. Please note, the images are not to 100% scale and just for illustration purposes.

Two fields across a row: 3.875”


Three fields across a row: 2.58”, 2.58” and 2.59”

Four fields across a row: 1.937”, 1.938”, 1.937” and 1.938”

Five fields across a row: 1.55”

Customer Information:

When gathering customer information, the information collected usually includes, First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip and Email. Below is an example of the field with for a standard Customer Information section.


Fields in a table:

Usually fields in a table consist of Quantity, Description, Unit Price and Extended Amount. Below is an example of a table used for ordering parts.


Common fields:

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