Recommended Best Practices for Testing a Template


Testing Document | With every new template, we recommend testing a document before you release the template to production.


Here are a few steps that will help you in testing a template to ensure a successful release of the template.

1. Items to check for and how to check for them.

a. Write in a field using the Handwriting panel. You can also verify that mandatory fields work as expected during testing.

b. Write a mix of Alpha and Numeric characters in the handwriting panel.

c. Test numeric fields. Numeric fields should display the keyboard with the numeric keys active.

d. Date and Time fields should display either the date wheel or the time wheel.

e. Verify that you can check a Checkbox field.

f. Verify that only one Radio Button field can be selected where Radio Buttons are used on the template.

g. Verify that graphic fields work and that you are able to update a drawing area and/or annotate a picture.

h. If there are auto calculation fields on the template, verify that the totals calculate correctly.

i. Verify the signature field captures the signature.

j. If the template contains linked fields, verify that the fields link correctly.

k. Verify conditional mandatory fields work as expected.

l. Verify that attachments can be added.

2. Other items to consider verifying:

a. Fields are aligned properly

i. Alpha, Alpha Numeric fields should be aligned left.

ii. Numeric, checkboxes, radiobuttons, date, time and option lists should be aligned center.

iii. Currency should be aligned right.

b. All data source contain the proper information

c. Each field has the correct font, size and color. If information does not fit in a field, consider reducing the font size.

d. The template uses the correct PDF.

3. Once all the fields are filed in, submit the document to the server.

a. Verify the following:

i. Field information is correct in the output.

ii. All output files have the correct extension.

iii. Attachments are extracted correctly.

iv. GPS data is collected and in the output

4. If there are errors on the template, fix the errors in Designer, resync naturalForms, and retest the template.

5. Once the template is tested and no more updates are needed, the template is ready for production use.

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