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Using Radio Buttons provide users with the opportunity to select a response from pre-formatted options. Each radio button is normally accompanied by a label describing the choice that the radio button represents. The choices are mutually exclusive; when the user selects a radio button, any previously selected radio button in the same group becomes deselected.

To create a Radio Button field, you will need to select the Field Layout menu.

Drag and drop the Radio Buttons tool from the Field Tools menu on the Right to the location you would like to place the radio button field on the template layout.


After you have dropped the field on the template, you can then re-size the field to encompass all options.


Now you are ready to begin adding your options to the field. Make sure that you have the new radio button field selected and then select Add Choice.


Next, you will need to drag and drop a Radio Button Option into the new radio button field that you have created.

After the radio button has been added, you can then re-size the radio button to cover the exact location of an option of the radio button field. You will also want to specify the Value that you would like to have saved in the field if that option is chosen. 


When you are ready to add the next option, just repeat the steps to add a radio button for each option.

There are several options for a radio button field:


If you select the Is Read-Only, the field will accept data only and a user will not be able to add a handwriting input value to the field. Typically read-only fields are used for calculation results. However, they can be used as a key field to feed into a backend system.

By selecting the Is Mandatory checkbox, this will force a field to be mandatory. Users will not be able to submit the document unless the field has a value.

Selecting Capture GPS will capture the GPS location of the tablet. User will see the GPS location via data output once the document is submitted to the server.

If you select Allow Copy/Paste, the field will be copied and pasted between documents during bulk copy/paste.

You can manually modify the Selection Area of a field by changing the coordinates within the Selection Area


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