'Universal App' Overview (4.0 Version)


The NEW App Experience

The new 'Universal App' (4.0 version) is a combination of the previous apps (i.e. iOS/Android) and the Documents page (in the web portal) into one product. The application is designed to run on any device (tablets, phones, computers running iOS, Android, Windows). The app consist of a Document List, which is the home page of the application that displays the list of documents for the account or user (depending on user permissions). The app also provide users with the ability to filter, search, create, edit or request signatures for documents. The details are outlined below:


1. Filter

The app contains a 'filter' available in the left hand side of the app when on the Document List screen.



The filter can be swiped open/closed and will dynamically display depending on the screen size. If the screen size is small, the filter 'expand' button can be used to toggle the filter open and closed.



The filter includes three sections as outlined below:


A. Status

The status section of the filter displays the documents according to the status that a document is currently in. To change the status, just click on the desired status and the list of document list will display the corresponding documents. For details on the specific document workflows and statuses, refer to the Document Flows & Status Guide.



B. Owner

The filter also provide the user with the ability to filter based on the owner or document creator. However, the ability to see the Owner section depends on the user permissions. If the user does not have "Viewer" permissions, the Owner filter will not be enabled and the user will only see the documents they have created.



To open the Owner list, click on the "..." button in the Owner header. See below:



The list can be searched and once selected the filtered selection is presented in the Owner section. To 'Favorite' the selected item, click on the pin button next to the selection. By clicking "Add" the selected item will remain in the left sidebar and available until it is removed by clicking the pin button again and selected "Remove".



C. Document Type

The filter includes the ability to filter based on the type of document (or template). However, to see the Document Type section, the user must be assigned more than one template.


The Document Type also has the same capability to favorite desired types to the left sidebar.


2. Document List

The center section of the app home screen contains the list of documents. The documents are displayed dynamically, presenting the last 50 documents based on the last edited date/time. By scrolling down, the list is updated to display set of 50 additional documents. If no documents have been created, then the list will be empty.


The list can be searched using the Search bar at the top of the list. The search supports the document name text and the document number. No document data (such as field values) are currently searchable at this time. 


3. Document Preview

The app home screen also displays a preview of the document along with associated information. If the document is completed, then the preview (of all the pages) of the document is displayed. The preview also includes the Owner, Type of document and the document number (if assigned) as well. If the document is not completed (i.e. Open or Awaiting Signature), then a message stating "Document has a status of Open. No preview available." is displayed.



A. Document Download

From the Preview section of the document you can download the document, but clicking on the "Download Document" button. The document will be downloaded with the following filename structure: "[Doc #] Doc Name.PDF".



B. Document Edit

From the Preview section of the document you can open and edit the document, but clicking on the "Edit Document" button. After clicking on the edit button, the document will open in full screen mode and the document can be interacted with (i.e. edit fields, photos, signatures, etc.).


For more details on editing a document, refer to the Add or Edit Documents Guide.


4. App Menus

The app menus are located in the top right hand corner of the application. The app includes to menus: Start New Document and Settings.


A. Start A New Document

From the app home screen you can start a new document by clicking on the "Add Document" button. The button opens up a list of assigned templates that can be selected, named and then opened in edit mode. For more details refer to the Add or Edit Documents Guide.



B. About

From the app home screen you can open the additional menus by clicking on the "Menu" button. The "About" menu will display the current product information including version.



C. Sign Out

From the app home screen you can open the additional menus by clicking on the "Menu" button. The "Sign Out" menu will sign the user out of the application. By default the application retains the user information for a two-week period and then the user will be required to authenticate for security and compliance standards.











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