Adding Annotations and Drawings to a Document (iOS 3.1.0)

Adding Annotations and Drawings to Documents (Pre-iOS 3.1.0)
This article is focused on versions 3.1.0 and after, which changed the drawing widget to comply with specifications for iOS 13. You can also learn about the previous version of the drawing widget.
naturalForms supports annotations or drawings as field input. To add an annotation to an existing image or create a drawing, tap the appropriate field. The drawing panel appears. 
This example shows an annotation to an existing image on the document. To begin annotating, select the pencil icon, and use your finger or a stylus to create the sketch.
When you have completed your annotation, select the document name in the top left corner.
To edit the annotation, select the selection tool. Use your finger or a stylus to select the drawing segments you wish to delete. To delete press the trash can icon after you've selected the area.
To adjust the width and color of the annotation, tap the Settings icon in the top right corner. Select the width and color to use in the annotation. You can also adjust the writing guard tab position based on whether you are right-handed or left-handed.

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