Copying Values Between Documents



For easy and efficient completion of documents, you have the option to copy all of the information in the fields on one document and paste the information into a new document.

naturalForms provides an easy and efficient way to complete documents by copying values from one document to another using the Copy All and Paste All features. Once the information is pasted, you can edit and complete fields on the new document as you would normally.

To move values entered on one document to a new document, you will need to take the following steps:


  1. Open the current document
  2. Tap on the Tools Menu () and select Copy All
  3. Close the document
  4. Tap on the Start a New Document ()
  5. Select a Template
  6. Tap on the Tools Menu () and select Paste All


1) When setting up templates, field names must be the same for Copy/Paste to work. Any fields that don't have a corresponding field on the destination form will be ignored. 


For example:

          Template 1, field FULL_NAME --> Template 2, field FULL_NAME (Correct)
          Template 1, field FULL_NAME --> Template 3, field PATIENT_NAME (Incorrect)
2) Modifications to the original document do not automatically update on the new document.
3) Graphic fields, including signatures are not included in the Copy/Paste.


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