Edit Template Settings


In the Template Settings, you can manage which Users are assigned this template, add custom Branding as well as define the Output Settings you wish to use. 


To edit the settings, simply click on the Settings  icon in the row of the template you wish to update. The settings will be displayed for the selected template.

In the Users tab, you can assign users to the template. To do this, click on a user in the list of Un-assigned Users and that user will be be moved to the Assigned Users box. To assign all users, simply click on the Assign all button. 

To remove a user, click on a user in the list of Assigned Users and that user will be moved back to the Un-assigned Users box. Again, to move back all users, simply click on the Un-assign all button.



Remember to click on the Save button when your updates are completed.

You can also determine how you wish to output your submitted documents. In the Output Settings tab, you have the option to email the documents or you can set up a Web App to integrate the submitted data into another application such as Google Sheets, Quickbooks, etc.


To learn more about setting up output, please go to the Output Settings article.

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