Subscription Overview


At some point during your free trial, you may decide that you wish to continue to use naturalForms.

To purchase a subscription, you can either click on the Purchase Now button in the Free Trial message.

Or you can click on your name in the upper right hand corner of the site and select Subscription.mceclip0.png


Select a Plan | First step is to determine what type of subscription you wish to purchase. An Annual Plan will bill once a year. The Monthly Plan will bill on the same day every month. There is a $10 annual savings per device if you purchase the annual plan. 



Device | The second step is to select the amount of device licenses you need. This is the number of tablets that you can sign in to the naturalForms app.



Order Preview | Once you choose the subscription type and the number of devices, the order preview will populate with an order summary. You can change number of devices and subscription type to review different options. Once you are satisfied with the order totals, click on the Check Out button.


You will be brought to the Billing Information where you will be asked to provide your billing address along with your credit card information. When all required fields have been completed, click on the Place Order button.


You have successfully purchased a subscription. The following green message bar will be displayed at the top of the site to confirm your purchase and you will receive an email with a receipt of your purchase.


To review your subscription or view any of your billing statements, please go to the Subscription page.


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