Are you having trouble switching users with the new naturalForms 2.2?


Things to Consider:
1. With the new app, one of the features is to allow the credentials to be remembered. Have the user check their lock timeout setting.

  • Go to the Tools menu (upper right hand corner icon, 3 horizontal lines) and select Settings.
  • Is the Lock Timeout set to "Never"? If so, this means that the app will keep the user logged into the app, even when it is closed.
  • Update this setting to "Always" or to a set time period.

2. To change users, the app needs to be closed - not just minimized but closed.

  • When naturalForms is open and the home button is tapped once, the app is minimized but is still running.
  • Therefore, when the app is tapped again, the user still has a session going but may need to enter their password again (depending on the Lock Timeout setting).
  • Double tap the home button and then swipe the app upward to fully close the app.
  • Then when the user taps on naturalForms, the app will ask for the log in information to start a new session (as long as the Lock Timeout setting is not "Never").
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