"Offline access has not been authorized" Error Message


This message can be produced when either the Server Connection setting in the app is turned off or if there is no internet connection (no Wifi or out of service through a data plan).

There are three reasons that a user may get this message when trying to log in:

  1. This user has not logged into this tablet before. Before a user can work offline, they must successfully log into naturalForms while connected. This is necessary to download all the templates that the user needs.
  2. An incorrect password was entered. Since there is no connection to the server, the app is simply validating whether the username/password has been stored for offline use. Therefore, you may want to re-enter the password.
  3. Close the app and re-open. If an unauthorized user attempted to log in, this may need to be done in order to refresh the app so that authorized users can now log in.
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