Photo Attachments


Photos Attachments can be added to any document and submitted on the app.


To Add a Photo, you will need to select the Attachments menu.


Attachments can be set up to be Predefined, meaning the attachment will be a default input available with the template. Attachments can also be set up to be added on demand (or supplemental) for individual documents.  

Attachment Type Settings

If you wish to set up some standard settings to be used across all photo attachments, go to Attachment Type Settings.


To allow users to include supplemental photos, check the Allow Supplemental checkbox. The user will name the supplemental photo at the time it is added in the app.

Continue reading to learn more about the specific Image Processing settings. You are given the option to set these at the template level or to specify each of these for each named photo attachment.

To add a named photo attachment, click on the Add Photo Attachment button.


In Attachment Settings, enter the Name of the attachment. Each user who will use this template will see the same name.

Check the Mandatory checkbox if you wish to make this photo attachment mandatory.

Image Processing

Specify how you would like your photos to be sent to the server.


If you wish to use the settings that you specified in the Attachment Type Settings, then simply check the Use Attachment Type Settings.

If you wish to have your photos standardized, then you may want to adjust these settings. You have many options available from using pre-set schemes to choosing the compression, file format, or color format.


Image Processing Scheme – These are predefined schemes that may fit your needs. When one of these is selected, then the remaining settings are set for you. If you wish to set each setting yourself, select Custom.

Image Size | This will determine the size of the photo to be sent to the server. If you will be taking numerous photos per document and you wish to reduce the size of the submission over the network, then this may be an option you will want to set.

File Format | You can set the desired format of the photo file to be saved.

Color Format | Regardless of the color that your tablet camera snaps the picture, you can choose to standardize the color format that is set to the server.

Note: If you have installed your own naturalForms server, then you may have the option to customize these drop down lists. Please contact Support if this is needed.

If you have multiple photos, you can reorder the list by dragging and adjusting the order.


To Delete an attachment, click on the red "x" (displayed when hovering over) on the right of the attachment field name.


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