Commusoft Integration


Here's a quick video showing how to setup the Commusoft Integration.

This integration has few steps so it is important you follow the instructions exactly as they appear in the video below:

What is this used for?
The integration will allow you to automatically pull through your Commusoft customer details to the naturalForms document and save the file as a PDF against a job. 

How do I get this on my account?
You'll need to get in touch with us at and ask us. You will also need an account with NaturalForms before you integrate
The certificates can only be added on the mobile device:


You must also have the app downloaded on the engineers phone for the certificates to show up in Commusoft

Important information
The first mapped field must be JobID (this means you need an area in your form for the Job ID,
Then you can have any fields you like and map them to the relevant ones in NaturalForms,
The final field must be PDF as instructed in the video above.


Other information that can be mapped from Commusoft:

  • JobID 
  • CustomerName (Includes Customer Title as well) 
  • CustomerEmail 
  • CustomerAddressLine1 
  • CustomerAddressLine2 
  • CustomerAddressLine3 
  • CustomerTown 
  • CustomerCounty 
  • CustomerPostcode 
  • CustomerTelephone 
  • WorkAddressName 
  • WorkAddressEmail 
  • WorkAddressAddressLine1 
  • WorkAddressAddressLine2 
  • WorkAddressAddressLine3 
  • WorkAddressTown 
  • WorkAddressCounty 
  • WorkAddressPostcode 
  • WorkAddressTelephone 

    In case of Landlord, the below fields will need to be passed 
  • LandlordName(should include company name) 
  • LandlordAddressLine1 
  • LandlordAddressLine2 
  • LandlordAddressLine3 
  • LandlordTown 
  • LandlordCounty 
  • LandlordPostcode


If you have any questions on getting this set up, don't hesitate to submit a help ticket for assistance.

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