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Once you sign up, you will be given a free trial to explore the different options available. To sign up for a naturalForms account is simple and easy. 

Click on the TRY IT FREE button in the upper right hand corner of the website.



Since you do not yet have a naturalForms account, this will take you to the Sign Up page.

The only information that you need to activate your free trial is to provide a unique and valid email address along with a password and accept the User Agreement.

Enter your Email Address, Password, mark the checkbox, and click the Start Free Trial button at the bottom of the page.



The following message will be displayed.

At naturalForms, we want to give you the best experience that we possibly can. To do that, we would like to ask you a few questions that can help us set up your account to be tailored specifically to you. 


1. First, select an industry that you are in. 



2. Then, just give us an estimation on about how many users will be filling out forms through naturalForms.



3. Here's some information on how the form data can be shared. The default configuration for naturalForms is for a PDF. A PDF will be emailed after a form has been submitted in the app. 



4. Feel free to Customize your Account by providing more about your business, such as Logo, other Business Information and maybe a custom PDF.

    A. Logo & Address


    B. Custom PDF


Account Setup | You are now ready to start using naturalForms. This page will display all the information you disclosed to us. Select the Finish button at the bottom to start filling out forms. 


You will be automatically signed into the naturalForms site where you can start managing your account.



For help Getting Started, please visit our Support site where you can find articles, guides, and frequently asked questions.

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