Fields are "Off" in naturalForms on the tablet


We have seen some issues where the fields are not lined up correctly with the background of the template. 

This is likely due to an issue with margins in the PDF that was used to create the template. After some troubleshooting, it appears that Adobe add-ins that are enabled in Microsoft Office products (especially Excel) are moving these margins during the save as PDF. 

A couple ways to determine if this could be the issue:

  1. Open the PDF file in Adobe Reader and go to File -> Properties. What is the application? Is this something other than a Microsoft product? (i.e. PScript or PDFMaker)
  2. Open File -> Options and go to the Add-Ins in the Office product. Do you have Adobe add-ins enabled?

Unless you need the add-ins for another function of your job, we recommend disabling the Adobe add-ins. This will allow the Office product to save the file as a PDF using the Office application.

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