Conditional Mandatory Rule


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The Conditional Mandatory rule is assigned to a field that looks at one or more other fields to determine if it is mandatory. To set a validation rule for this, you will need to select the Rules menu.


Example 1

If the technician checks the box that Electrical Components were inspected, then we want the field New Electrical Components to be required.

Select the Rules Menu



Select the field you wish to make mandatory based on a specific condition and choose Conditional Mandatory Rules.


You will see several rule options as well as a custom mandatory when rule.

Select the fourth conditional mandatory rule.


This rule will look at the Electrical Components Inspected checkbox and if it is checked then the New Electrical Components will be required. In this example, the field we are looking at is already selected in the drop down.  Often times you will need to select the correct checkbox field.

Note: Fields cannot be both Mandatory and Conditional Mandatory. If a field is marked as Mandatory and you wish to change that field to Conditional Mandatory, simply uncheck the Is Mandatory checkbox on the Field Settings.


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