Document Editor (Web Forms)


The Document Editor or also known as Web Forms functionality will allow you to add (a blank or new document) or edit (already submitted documents) for any template that you have setup in naturalForms. 

Any data that is changed using the Document Editor does NOT sync to the version of document submitted from the device. As a result, the collected data may be different if updated in the Document Editor after the initial submission from the naturalForms app on the device.


Before using the Document Editor, please be aware the following features or functionality are NOT yet available in the current version (that are available in the mobile app):

  • New documents cannot be created (only the editing of a submitted document)
  • No attachment support (photos and GPS locations)
  • Capturing GPS location data for fields
  • Copy and pasting field values
  • Renaming a document
  • Ink settings (color/width) for drawing fields
  • Share (print, email, Dropbox)
  • Advanced photo quality configurations
  • Photo annotations

For help information or additional details reference the following articles: Add or Edit Documents and Document Editor Guide.


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