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Zapier is a web service that offers simple and custom integration with over 1,000 online programs and software products, and is used by millions of users across the globe. Zapier enables the transfer of data based on triggers to (i.e. document submission) and from these programs and software through what is called a “Zap.” Zaps can also be used to perform additional actions such as sending an email, text message or updating a database. The scope of what you can do with the software is enormous. The naturalForms Zapier connector allows you to leverage all of the data collected from your forms with thousands of potential actions available in Zapier.


Getting Started

Zapier offers a free plan that lets you setup and use basic zaps at no charge. For more complicated actions and premium products, plans are available based on the level of integrated needed for your usage as well as a 14-day free trial. For more details regarding pricing visit:

Once you have signed up for Zapier you can connect your naturalForms account by accepting an invite.


For additional information and examples on how to setup templates  naturalForms with Zapier, refer to our Web App Overview article.



naturalForms integrations offer a huge value to customers and we are glad you are considering using one of our connectors. As our integration partners are experts on their software, our level of assistance at times may be limited. However, all of our integration partners offer a full level of support and we work as closely as we can to ensure all customer needs are quickly resolved.

Zapier provides email support and distributes a comprehensive online knowledge base, for more information visit:


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