In naturalForms, you can manage the registered devices on your account. The number of active devices that you can have is limited by the number of subscriptions you have purchased for your account.

Devices are added automatically to your account as soon as a user signs into the naturalForms app on a device.

Devices can then be removed from your account through the Delete () icon. Once a device is deleted, you will free up one of your subscription licenses to be used on a new device.

The following information can be viewed on the Devices page:

ID: The Device Hash is a unique identifier for each device.

Status: The status of a device can be Active, Disabled or Enabled.  An active device has been registered in naturalForms and is able to submit documents from naturalForms. A disabled device has been deactivated, and cannot submit documents. The default deactivation period for a device is 2 days. An enabled device is a device which has been previously disabled, and is now enabled because the deactivation period has expired.

Name: The name is the device name specified by the end user.

Platform: The platform name refers to the type of device, such as iPad or Android.

Registered: This column shows the date that the device was initially registered in naturalForms. Registration occurs automatically when a user logs into naturalForms for the first time on that specific device.

Last Sign in By: This column shows the e-mail address associated with the user account that last signed into naturalForms using the specific device.

Last Sign In: This column shows the date and time that a user last signed into naturalForms with the specific device.

Last Status Changed: This column shows the date and time that the specific device's status changed.



To search for a specific device, enter the search term in the search box at the top of the device list and click the search icon or click enter on the keyboard.

Show Deleted

To see the list of deleted devices, click the Show Deleted checkbox at the top of the table.

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