The Users page shows the users which have been setup in your naturalForms account.

The following information is displayed for each user: 

Email: Email refers to the email address associated with the specific user account. This email address is used as the login for naturalForms.

First Name: Shows the first name of the user.

Last Name: Shows the last name of the user.

Group: Shows the name of the group a user is assigned to (if assigned to a group).

Status: There are four possible statuses that can be assigned to a user account, which are as follows:

    • Active: The user has successfully logged into naturalForms and verified their account.
    • Locked: An administrator has locked the account, and the user will not be able to access naturalForms.
    • Pending Activation by Email: A new user account has been created and an access link has been sent to the designated email address, but the user has not yet activated the account.

Created: This column shows the date on which the user account was created.

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