This section of the website is where you can view document submission activity and download document data as well as use the Document Editor and Send to Sign.


Last Submitted: This is the date that the document was last submitted. A document that is re-submitted overwrites the original document in the website so you always see the latest version.

ID: System assigned unique number associated with the document on the tablet.

Name: The document name is assigned by the user when creating a new document. This value doesn't have to be unique.   

Template: The name of the template used to create the document.

Submitted By: The user who submitted the document.

View PDF Button (): Initiates a new browser window with a view of the document PDF.

Tools Button (document.Portal.Tools.Icon.png): Initiates the tools menu with three actions: Download Output, Edit Documents and Send for Signature. See Document Tools for more details.


Search and Filter

The list can be searched using the search bar or can be filtered by the submitted date range or through a custom Filter.


Simply choose the date range you wish to use to filter the documents or choose Custom Filter to enter specific criteria using one or more of the other column headers.


Select a column header and then enter text that you wish to use for filtering. You can then select additional column headers to continue to narrow down your list of documents until you have a subset that meets your criteria.


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