A template is a master copy of an electronic form. Individual documents are created from templates in the naturalForms. On the Templates page, you can edit information for existing templates, open the Designer screen to define the template, and view the list of templates which are already available for users.    


The template list shows the following information:

Name: The name of the template.

ID: A unique number for the template which is automatically generated.

Modified Date: The Last Modified date refers to the date and time when the template was last updated.

Settings (button.Settings.png): The Settings icon is used to update the template's user assignments and output settings.

Edit (): The Edit icon is used to open the Designer to make changes to the template definition.

Tools (button.Tools.png): The Tools icon is used to duplicate a template of view a PDF image of the template.

Delete (button.Delete.png): The Delete icon is used to delete the template.


The list can be searched using the search bar or can be filtered by the status of templates.


The possible statuses of the templates are:

  • Active: The template is active and is available to be assigned to users.
  • Deleted: An administrator has deleted the template and it is no longer available to be used in naturalForms.


Select the mceclip2.png button if you wish to import templates from external naturalForms sources (or other accounts). 

If you wish to create your own template, select the mceclip3.png button to use a PDF of your own custom form.

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