The License page displays information regarding the license for naturalForms. 

The following information is displayed for each account: 

Key: License number from your license provider.

Created: The date the license was created.

Grace Period: The number of days that users can continue to submit documents before the server is locked.

API Key: Available if you have API access to naturalForms as a server administrator.  Username and password still required to use the key.

Multi Web Server: Indicate if the server has multi web capability.

Devices: Provide information regarding the licensing blocks, and includes date created, type, units, effective, expiration, status, tracking number, description and assigned to account.

Status: The current status of the server.


The license can also be updated or refreshed by clicking the Refresh License button.

The system will attempt to update the license and a message will be provided with the result of the update.

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