The Server Admin Dashboard provides a centralized location to view usage and configuration data for the naturalForms server.

The Server indicator block displays the current product details for naturalForms, which includes the version and build date. 

The Accounts displays the number of accounts created on the server.

The License: Server Pool displays the number of used and available licenses assigned at the server level.  The server pool does not include account licenses that are created for the server. 

The License: Account Blocks displays the number of used and available licenses assigned at the account level.  Account blocks are created at the account level and can only be used for a single account.  Account blocks do not include server licenses that are created for the server. 


The Dashboard table show various data on usage of naturalForms.

Account Name: The name of an account which has licensed naturalForms.

ID: The account number is a five-digit ID automatically assigned when a new account is created.

Created: The date the new account was created.

Allowed: The maximum number of active devices allowed for the account.

Active: The current number of active devices the used by the account. For example, if a customer had 25 allowed devices and 2 active devices, the account would be able to add 23 new devices without needing to disable active devices or increase the licensed amount.

Documents: A document is a template that was filled and submitted to the naturalForms.

Users: The number of users created to interact with the naturalForms. There is no limit to the number of users that can be created. Customers may have back-office personnel that log into the portal to download completed documents and their associated data.

Templates: A template is the master design of a form. A template can have multiple documents which are created in naturalForms. The number shows how many templates have been created or imported into naturalForms for the account.

Option Lists: An option lists is a list of values (such as a list of states) which is assigned to a specific field on a template. Tablet users will see these values in drop-down fields in their documents. 



The table can be filtered by clicking the column headers.


Page Navigation

Use the page navigation and items per page controls at the bottom of each table in naturalForms to move between pages and display desired number of items. The table control functionality is available for all pages in naturalForms.


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